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According to Verizon Communications, over 30% of home based and small business do not have a web site.

Mercury WebSites was founded to provide website solutions to this underserved market segment.

Mercury WebDomain, LLC t/a Mercury WebSites was established in September 2008 in Leesburg, Virginia. It is a sole proprietorship LLC with no employees. The owner is John Pouy and prior to founding Mercury he had a long career in voice and data communications networking, going back to the very early days of the Internet. John's primary responsibilities include sales and marketing, project management, hosting and domain name services, layout and page design, DreamWeaver site development, HTML and JavaScript development.

Rarely can one person be proficient in all areas of website development -- so Mercury Websites uses a team approach. The team consists of several strategic partners, each one specializing in different technologies.

  • Tula Reay, Leesburg, VA – Graphic designer
  • George Meidhof, The Villages, FL – Social Networking and WordPress
  • Danie Bierman, Sterling, VA – Database applications, E-commerce and Joomla
  • Wynne Brown, Portal, AZ – Copywriting

Note that all development is done in the U.S. – there is no offshore outsourcing.

The business is in process of adding an operations office in Portal, Arizona, in order to support a growing clientele in Southeast Arizona and Southern New Mexico. It is expected to be fully operational there in June, 2013.

Mercury WebSites works with home based and small businesses to design and develop custom websites that are affordable and effective. An effective website is one that is easy for prospective clients to find, easy to navigate, and presents your unique business advantage in such a way that viewers immediately want to open the interior pages. Through education and demonstrations we show them that a well planned website will:

  1. Let potential clients know that you have the solution for their needs
  2. Present a professional image of your business, letting potential customers know you are serious about winning their business.
  3. Increase credibility - avoids the "Mom and Pop" look or home-based business look. It can make you look bigger than you are; even put you on a global scale.
  4. Reduce or eliminate need for customer service or sales personnel and "brick and mortar" facilities, and allow the business to operate 24x7.
  5. It can be your most effective, most flexible and least expensive form of marketing, especially when compared to Yellow Pages or print ads.
  6. It will help your business thrive.

Most small businesses don't have the big budgets for websites that larger companies do. As a result, most website developers ignore home based and small businesses and focus on the big bucks, or try to shoehorn them into a template that really doesn't fit.

Not Mercury. We specialize in custom website development for small businesses at a small business price. With two locations, we help small business clients in Southern Arizona and New Mexico, Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, and the entire Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Our website clients include dental practices, consulting firms, CPR training, non-profits, construction trade companies and education providers.

Why every small business needs a website

Some business owners may ask, "I do all my business through referrals, why do I need a website?" The answer to that question is, even with a referral, most potential customers or clients will want to check you out further. Your website can provide information 24x7 such as:

  • Detailed descriptions of your products and services
  • Product pictures
  • Hours of operation
  • Experience
  • Professional affiliations
  • Testimonials and references
  • Location and directions
  • Current specials, eEtc.

Let Mercury give a boost to your business by creating a website for you.


Did you know?

Mercury was the Roman god of speed and business, and is often referred to as the "winged messenger". He is sometimes pictured running on winged feet and carrying a scroll, obviously delivering some important business information.

  Mercury, god of speed and business   Mercury, god of speed and business

Today the Internet is our winged messenger, and Mercury WebSites develops small business web sites that deliver your message quickly, effectively and affordably.