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Here are some deadly errors that will prevent your website from being effective

Does your current website commit any of these deadly mistakes?

  • Not highlighting your USP - Unique Selling Proposition
    • This is the "hook" that gets your site noticed and lets website visitors know you have the right solution
  • Beating aroung the bush about what you do
    • You need to clearly and quickly tell site visitors you have the solution for their needs
  • Nothing important "above the fold"
    • You only have 8 seconds to get their attention so don't make them waste time scrolling. Your main point and call to action need to be prominently displayed above the fold.
  • Not enough information on the home page
    • Website visitor will move on to the next site on the search
  • Too much information on the home page
    • Confusing - keep it simple and to the point
    • Details are for the interior pages
  • Multiple businesses on one website
    • Confusing
  • Inconsistent fonts
    • Nothing looks more unprofessional than font styles, colors and sizes that are constantly different.
    Too much non-pertinent graphics and animation
    • Words sell your solutions, not dancing images.
    • Cool graphics don't necessarily translate to effective
  • Pages that are too long
    • The average website visitor will only spend 30 seconds per page. Cut long pages into smaller, easy to read pages.

Too many of these design errors and your website statistics will start to reveal a low level of activity. Visitors might find your site, but commit too many of these mistakes and they will click on the next site in the search results.

Preventing these errors starts with good website design.

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How do you get your business differentiated? How do you quickly and effectively let potential clients know that you have the solution they need?  By creating a Unique Selling Proposition - or USP.

A USP is that distinct and appealing idea that sets you and your business favorably apart from every other generic competitor. It should be the main point on your home page.

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